Enter into Tha Alkaholics' drunken world of musical creativity…

Before this theme starts some controversy, I’d like to remind my readers that I am like the painter who draws the picture of the landscape in front of his eyes. This article is in NO WAY an encouragement for people to drink. I don’t condone drinking.I’d like to point out that I am and have always been sober!
Hailing from California, the spicy Tha Alkaholics group will allow you to explore a forbidden universe made beer sipping, weed smoking and bad partying.
The Flute Song starts with some monotonous flute notes combined with some oriental sounding soft female vocals. Rhythmic drum beats and a festive crew of emcees will invite you into their world. Your ear should be seduced by the rich musical background and the good sense of rhythm Tha Alkaholics have to offer to their listeners. Ain t nobody who can party like them, word!
Let’s delve into the partying atmosphere with no remorse. Tha Alkaholics’ spirit is contagious. Party Ya Ass Off is reach of a good flow delivery combined with a good cadenced musical background. Tha Alkaholics do carry a narcotized state of mind that is truly enhanced by a creative spirit.
Drink Wit Us is built on a harsh keyboards background that involves some collective addiction to beers. Ready to pour a 40 out? Go ahead…The Alkaholics are here to encourage you.
Bullyfoot features Busta Rhymes. The song purposely carries a scurrilous spirit. Enter a world of madness and addiction.
Thirsty about more ? Listen to Tha Alkaholics here.
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