Bizarre/ Fat Boy video review

Rating of the product: 4 stars
Bizarre’s upcoming album Blue Cheese N’ Coney Island promises to be surprising and hilarious as well. While many people do complex when they put on weight, D12’s weirdo manages to introduce a sexy dimension to his fatness, a philosophy he shares with his fat belly accomplice King Gordy of the fat and sexy Fat Killaz. The trumpet background adds to the funny atmosphere.
You ain’t got to like their bodies, as long as our fellows feel well in body and mind.
An entertaining melody introduces Bizzy’s video while King Gordy defines our shower cap dancer who might be fat, but who moves along like Beyonce!
The funny video confronts Bizzy with an impersonator and allows the viewer to appreciate the real Bizarre to show his dancing skills.
The video goes on and Bizzy is asked to justify his sudden gain of weight on front of a jury. What would a man of 333 lbs have to say for his defense? 12 more pounds at his active!
A man is shouting in the background « You suck! I’ma tell Marshall! »
But Bizzy keeps his body moving…like Beyonce.
In life, many things depend on how you view them. Some people say that a fat body is even sexier and represents more flesh to love.
Ready for a real, hilarious show made in Detroit? Watch Bizzy’s brand new video.
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