A hot preview to Dogmatic's upcoming Reality Show mixtape

Kevin Bailey aka Dogmatic truly represents Detroit’s real 8 Mile Road. His music fully testifies it. The Sick Notes soldiers will take his listeners by surprise with his assaultive style. Dogmatic’s words an instrumentals are very Detroit City alike. Like hit-and-run units, the electric guitars in the background will proudly carry Dogmatic’s belligerent spirit. Ready for war?In Drama, Dogmatic attacks snitches in a very pugnacious manner. Instrumentals and lyrics are hard hitting. Dogmatic is in the building and is taking the scene over by force. He is braveness is insolent and his skills undeniable.
Murdering You is one of those beautiful Proof-Dogmatic collaboration. The entertaining melody, the catchy beats in the background and both Sick Notes soldiers’ energy make this track an unbeatable underground hit. Let both brilliant artists enthusiasm overflood take you away into their rich musical universe.
King Of is built on violin and keyboard sounds. The track is enhanced with some oriental sounding melodies. The autoproclaimed King Of Detroit will convince you with his brilliance. Like a meteor fallen from the sky, Dogmatic s talent shines brightly and intensively.
Don’t miss 8 Mile s tribute to Proof, an excellent track I reviewed a few months ago for the Eminem blog.
Preview Dogmatic’s Reality Show mixtape here.
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