Very far from being average, Mc Lazarus is an outstanding wordsmith who breaks the usual stereotypes about emceeing…

I discovered MC Lazarus in 2004 thanks to a rap forum that gave a link to his website. His symbolic name recalls the theme of resurrection. Those who think that hip hop is dead for good should give MC Lazarus the chance to prove that hip hop is definitely alive.
The brilliant medicine student from Pakistan whose father emigrated to Detroit knows how to brilliantly handle words with his invincible flow. MC Lazarus instantly introduces you into a passionate battling universe. With his prophetic and sharp style, the prince who would be king is taking over his audience in no time, ripping off his detractors leaving them worst then after a tsunami disaster.
Let The Game Know is built on repetitive sounds combined with a jazzy-soul musical background. Mc Lazarus’ numerous astute syllable combinations are spreading like light particles in the middle of the night. MC Lazarus fully masters his game. His enthusiastic spirit, his lyrical skills, his original style will conquer more than one hip hop loving heart.
Piano notes and children’s voices in the background will introduce Lazarus question: “What is the meaning of the world?” Not afraid to raise some difficult and spiritual question that are deeply linked with politicians’ bad actions. Why do so many innocent kids have to die because of our greedy politicians’ mistakes.
More than ever, Mc Lazarus wants to raise people’s consciences to stand for a united world. We are one. We just need to realize it much more.
If Lazarus’ talent hasn’t convinced you yet, you should definitely give Godflow a listen. With his usual word mastery, his astute punchlines, his torrential flow that will take you by surprise in the middle of a pouring rain of words, Lazarus perfectly knows how to generate enthusiasm among his listeners. Word: this man is a lyrical genius, one of the greatest underground emcees out of Detroit and he will certainly amaze you if you haven’t heard about him yet.
Check out Mc Lazarus here.
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