NewSide: unsigned, but he got flavor!

New Side is Georgia’s unsigned hype. Representing Covington, the strong minded, talented artist will allow you to discover a new side of hip hop from the Southern States.
Rhythmic and strident keyboard sounds open the curtain to a fighting atmosphere. With his gritty voice, his determination, New Side will freestyle with ease.
Nothing comes easy, particularly when your every day life is a matter of life and death. Meet a man of passion who live for hip hop.
Let It Go will let some light drops of xylophone notes refresh the listeners thristy minds. During the whole track, New Side will offer an auto-analysis. Time to think about his own mistakes, time to offer an apology to those who deserve it. The sad accents of the instrumental background are compensated by New Side’s will to elevate his mind, spiritually speaking.
Light piano notes, electric guitar sounds introduce the listener into New Side’s adreline rush. Feel a man’s constant struggle in Mind Over Matter. The track is a combination of a rock ‘n ‘roll flavored melody combined with a hip hop spirit. New Side does it very well.
Let those night and day, soft vs raw elements invade your space while New Side exposes his talent.
Curious to know more about Georgia ‘s new talent? Discover New Side here.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved