Mystical, enigmatic, outstanding emcee, Warpath is back…

Warpath is the kind of emcee that will always leave the listener hungry for more. Rich of an incredible flow delivery, a confident prophetic attitude, Warpath’ brillance shines like gold among the masses of mediocre and untalented rappers.
I reviewed the talented emcee a while ago.
Today the catalyst of Elohim is back, stronger and better than ever, representing the Detroit scene. Warpath will allow you to discover some other aspects of his very well handled Armaggedon CD. If you ever thought that hip hop was totally dead, Warpath will introduce you to hip hop ‘s shiny resurrection.
The Pinnacle is fulfilled with the emcee s conquerror spirit. Vocals sounding like intense prayers, an strong instrumental background that symbolizes faith in action, an offensive well weaponed emcee is taking over with some erosive lyrics. Warpath is taking over by authority, leaving no place for the cowards and fakes.
Experience has some beautiful soul sonorities. It is built on very dynamic trumpet sounds that are enhanced by Warpath euphoric attitude. The lyrical soldier will take you away within his avanlanche of words and guide you like Moses used to take care of his folks in the desert.
Feel the hardcore atmosphere of the streets and the definitely gifted emcee s spirit.
Soft piano sounds, oppressing vocals, a battling emcee who is caught between good and evil, heaven and hell- all those elements will give your attentive ears an idea about what Amaggedon, the final biblical battle is all about. Never afraid to call Elohim, the Almighty, Warpath steps out victorious from this lyrical battle during which we are invited to appreciate and live out hip hop to the fullest.
In Growing Old, Warpath blesses the mic again. Oboe, rapid drum beats, violins are here to empower and enhance the audacious emcee s words.
Warpath is excellent in each song he does. I strongly recommend this highly skilled emcee to all of you.
Check out more of his music here.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved