D12 s Kuniva shows his claws…

With his raw Detroit hood spirit, Kuniva comes at his listeners in a very offensive and confident way. You d rather be a veggie if you wanna avoid beef with the gifted emcee. Well armed, incredible lyrical soldier, Kuniva is ready to merk his enemies in no time with his killa flow. Trumpets in the background, flute notes and catchy beats enhance the theater to a dark Runyon Ave drama. Feeling The Rush is written in a beautiful Big Pun style that Kuniva intelligently adapts to the 313 spirit. The track is truly a must hear, don ‘t sleep on it!
Soft violin sounds introduce Kuniva’s talk about the current spirit of hip hop and of the hood in general: everybody claims to be a gangsta, everybody carries guns on his way, so many people claim to be tough in the rap game. Kuniva, the Murder Mitten Rider is angered by the numerous wannabes. With a pinch of his subtle sense of humor, Kuniva will draw a realistic picture of the hood he grew up in. Enjoy the 7 Miler’s competence. Piano sounds reinforce the daily battling spirit of the skilled emcee.
Rhythmic as hell, based on soft female vocals and some incive lyrics, Bad Intentions enhances Kuniva s stormy flow delivery. Meet a bad intentioned boy taking pleasure at doing forbidden things. Crunk ain t dead!
D12 and hip hop lovers, open your ears widely: Kuniva s reps probably won t leave you indifferent.
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