Real 1: emotions from a profound Israeli heart

Real 1 is an emcee who hails from the Holy Land. What enlightens the man s originality is that he reps in Hebrew. Hebrew is a language I feel a special connexion with because of its emotional beauty, its gutturals and the way it is linked to spirituality through its holy language status that refers to the ancient times of the Bible.
I studied Hebrew as an autodidact for three years. I always liked its beauty and poetry in its intonation.
Real 1 s music is full of Israel s contradictions and prophetic visions. I exposes the pain and aims at a prophetic vision in a land that is destroyed by greedy politicians.
The Mirror mixes up different musical styles: a classical piano background is gently married with harpsichord and guitar sounds while Real 1 s voice in Hebrew reveals a bleeding heart. The bleeding heart of a man who is left alone at home in desperation with his kid because his wife died in a car accident.
The very emotional song teaches us about the fragility of life. Don t take anything for granted and ask God to give you the force to accept things you cannot change.
Seaching: ani mehapes… I am searching. Built on soft guitar sounds, the song expresses the artist s incessant quest that is reinforced by the soft instrumental background. Suddenly numerous violins intensify the very sincere quest that ends up on a very optimistic note.
Those in search of spirituality and truth will probably love the song.
Discover Real1 and his beautiful hebrew reps here.
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