DJ Erupt: a talented artist with a volcanic spirit / biography

DJ Erupt puts fire and passion into his art wherever he goes. His undeniable talent and love for his art make a very noticeable artist of him on the current hip hop scene.
Back in 2002, DJ Erupt took a DJing job as a transition job while he was achieving his military service. He started organizing small parties and gigs in Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia. Very much focused on promoting hip hop underground artists, DJ Erupt saw his fan base grow as time passed by. The talented DJ decided to spend more time on studying mixtapes and increasing his knowledge of the underground scene.
After a little break, DJ Erupt moved to Detroit City where he grabbed the chance to pursue art studies. He then decided to collaborate with a local management company, Chopper City music. There he seized the numerous promotional and business opportunities that BG and his staff offered him.
DJ Erupt also collaborated with some colleges in order to promote some independent artists.
Rich of an experience of 6 years, specialized in digital mixtape DJing, constantly improving and working on virtual turntables, computer and CD, DJ Erupt has accomplished a lot.
DJ Erupt has worked on the following mixtapes:
All In One Series, Myspace Take Ova, Step Ya Game Up Series, Special Delivery, Urban Warfare (/w Elpadrino) Hip-Hop Compilation Series
Artistic promotion and a genuine dedication being constantly on his mind, DJ Erupt will be working on the following upcoming projects:
Hip-Hop Compilation Vol. 2, Myspace Takeova II (all female Artists) Street Talk w/Rog-D, Murdakkh, Sin, NOUS-T, Mr. Smakman, Menace, and Elpadrino, just to name a few.
DJ Erupt s remarkable work is definitely worth a look. Discover the dedicated artist here.
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