Some commentators must be definitely right about it: this blogger's "article" gotta be a joke!

A friend recently sent me a link to an article that I find more than outrageous, for numerous reasons.
Jill must have been totally out of her mind when she posted that blog entry. At least, that s what numerous commentators pointed out. I agree with them. Not only because it is an ignorant attack against Eminem and 5O Cent s misogynistic sounding and violent lyrics, but because Jill dares to advocate the KKK s points of view- I mean racial discrimination-, citing the First Amendment of the American Constitution. Which is scandalous in my opinion.
I too am in favor of freedom of speech, but I consider that it should be restricted when the speech becomes foolishly racially demeaning oriented. I won t grant neo nazis their freedom of speech because of freedom of speech.
I won t allow people to condone racial discrimination or ethnic extermination, just because of the principle of freedom of speech.
One should consider that the freedom of speech has its own limits when it involves total segregation against a group of individuals, because of their race or origins.
Of course, Jill is jumping to stupid conclusions, regarding Eminem s lyrics, mostly because of her obvious ignorance of the subject. I bet she will consider Eminem discriminatory against women or gay people, just because she doesn t get his subtle sense of humor.
When people talk about misogyny in hip hop, Eminem s name is the first name that comes to their mind, mostly because those brave, utterly schocked people, totally ignore hip hop culture.
Misogyny is ways prior to Eminem or to 50 Cent: it reflects a state of mind that is typical to ghetto culture and to gangsta rap in particular. Men will diss hoes in their raps. But Jill probably ignored about the many female rappers who diss men in their lyrics… Should men take offense for their disses?
The rap game is about hits and disses. Being shocked at the disses is just ignoring everything about what makes the game.
I am a woman, a mom of two kids, and I have been listening to hip hop for more than a decade. I have been listening to the most hardcore hip hop songs, like NWA s A Bitch Is A Bitch. How come i don t feel insulted?
It is simply because i don t consider myself a bitch, a slut or a hoe. I don t behave like one nor do I dress as such, so why should I feel dishonored by a rapper s statement in a song? That s simply ridiculous if you ask me.
When hip hop becomes a bad influence, it is mostly because parents don t watch their kids and lack dialogue at home.
My kids and I, all the three of us, are hip hop lovers. None of us robbed a shop nor killed somebody with a gun. We all love the music for what it is: artistic expression.
If you don t like what Eminem and 5O Cent stand for, why not stop listening to them? Rather listen to artists you like instead of bashing those you don t get.
Talking without knowing what your are talking about and for endorsing the KKK s statements in virtue of freedom of speech is rather hypocritical as far as I am concerned-unless your article is meant to be a big joke.
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