Re-ILL, lyrical bully, representing Carolina

Re-ILL is the kind of artist who will barely leave you indifferent. Thanks to his offensive spirit, his obvious lyrical skills, his true gangsta attitude, Re-ILL will manage to catch your attention.
Where That Nigga At s musical background anticipates drama. Harsh electric guitar sounds mix up with harmonic piano sounds while drums will make you feel the overheated speech atmosphere of the track. With his icy, EaZy E alike voice, Re-ILL s throat cutting voice will put the listener on the edge. Jungling with his words, creating numerous astute punchlines, Re-ILL takes over by authority. Enjoy the street anthem, it is greately done.
Come On Ma features a brilliant female emcee, Purple, with an incisive style. The chorus itself introduces into a scurilous atmosphere. You will get punched literally and lyrically. Electric guitar sounds will remind you of sharp razorblades. Re-ILL concludes the track. Have a look at the dynamic, merciless track.
The track is musically Ruthless inspired, which reinforces its gangsta spirit.
Hungry for more? Check Re-ILL and his crew here.
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