Royce da 5.9/ The Bar Exam mixtape review

Rating of the product: no contest, 5 stars
Ryan Montgomery aka Royce da 5.9 is as essential to hip hop as water to fishes. Witty lyrical soldier, the Detroit underground emcee puts his heart and soul into his rhymes. Unlike many rappers in the game, Royce doesn t rap for fame and money, his reps are the full representation of his unconditional love for hip hop. Thats truly what Royce is all about.
Like an unexpected tornado, Royce gets caught in his ill cypher and rips the flow with the impressive style of his own.
Explosive sounds and soft saxophone sounds introduce the mixtape in participation with DJ Premier.
Hit Em has a very swinging style with its intense instrumental background, its scratches sounds and DJ Static Skeletah. Open your ears, catch Royce s astute word plays and dedication. The track is definitely worth your attention. Don t sleep on that one!
However, Royce Is Like surpasses the preceding track. Rich of an offensive attitude, ready to shoot some hot lyrical bullets, Royce will certainly hit hip hop lovers heart. His obvious rhyming skills, his sick flow, the catchy beats and disrupted instrumental background draws you the picture of real hip hop. That s the way it should sound, in case you ever doubted it: passion, an emcee who flows with ease, a mastered rhythm that takes your breath away!
A Million More is built on rhythmic piano sounds that will soon lead you into a battling atmosphere, astutely interrupted by some scratches sounds. Royce will make you feel the hustle.
Who Want It: Royce is ready to erase his enemies from the face of the earth with his bombastic lyrics that are enhanced by a beautiful violin background. Vowels will dance on Royce s tongue and rock your world-if you like pure hip hop, of course.
Don ‘t ignore the swinging Return Of Malcom. Rapid piano sounds introduce the track. Royce will shoot at you with his killa flow. Again, you will feel the passion and the dedication. The use of the vocals totally fit with the context of the song.
The mixtape also features Guilty Simpson and Black Milk s Sound the Alarm, which is truly a must hear.
Kid Vishis is featured on the bonus track. You will probably enjoy They Call Me Kid.
While many claim to be Detroit s rightful kings, Royce da 5.9 already owns the title. His great mastery of rhyme and flow make of him a hip hop master. Detroit can be proud of him and you can cop his mixtape with no hesitation!
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