Welcome into the alluring world of Timtation

Timtation is a Californian artist who will make your world bounce.
Make It Bounce is one of the tracks exposed on his my space account. Made of an astute combination of rapid flute sounds and rapid drum beats, the track will make Timtation s flow shine. The song will transport the listener at the club where he will be invited to follow a dancing girl s moves.
Show Me My Opponent is built on numerous violins sounds that drop like light rain while the repetitive chorus symbolizes the start of an offensive war spirit. The keyboard sounds in the background will create a quite surrealistic atmosphere while Timtation will spit his venom, proudly representing the West Coast.
Keep It Hundred is introduced by some dark piano notes and saccaded violin sounds. Murderous, Timtation attacks his enemies with no mercy. No matter how numerous enemies are, you gotta keep it hundred and even one hundred in the hood. People gotta stick to each other in a very hostile environment and advance like soldiers on the front, ready to mash their enemies.
What What What: the instrumentals suggest the enthusiastic spirit of a man advancing with faith on the path of life. With a little dose of Young Jeezy in his voice, some good instrumentals, Timtation will keep it gangsta, no matter what. The rhythmic track is well handled.
Don t Play Me: you gotta be witty in the game, if you don’t wanna get played like a PS2. Timtation works on his words with intelligence on a good instrumental background, carrying a solid gangsta spirit.
Timtation is rich of that Compton hood street knowledge. Check him out here.
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