Diablo, Detroit ‘s medical examiner invites you into his world

Diablo offers another example of the Detroit scene s diversity of styles. Categorized as rap/ ghetto tech, Diablo’s music introduces you into his rhythmic ghetto world.
Detroit Northwest is representative of a hustler s harsh struggle. With his gritty voice and his rapid flow, Diablo pictures a world in which making fast money is a way of life. The heartbeat alike instrumentals suggest the strong image of a man on the run, trying to make a living by any means.
Brightmo Bounce is built on rapid hand claps, maracas sounds. The astute combination of two different type of rhythms will make Diablo s word juggling a much more difficult task to accomplish. The artist, however, reveals a mastered flow delivery.
The only critic I d formulate about the track is that the diction of his words is quite difficult to catch one’s ears. Besides that, the song is highly enjoyable for people who are sensitive to a good sense of rhythm.
Bye Bye is based on soft vocals. Don t let the softness of the prelude confuse you: you will soon be transported into a more hardcore dimension where homicide is law. Take a ride and discover Diablo s devilish world.
Nothing Bout Me is a beautiful combination of strong female vocals and Diablo s sick flow delivery. Keyboard sounds, violins, catchy drum beats reinforce the ghetto dimension of the song that is also Spanish sounding during a little while. I like the contrast between light and dark sounds that beautifully enhance Diablo s know how and his lyrical competence.
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