Obie Trice/ The Most Underrated mixtape review

Obie Trice/ The Most Underrated mixtape review
Rating of the product: 4.5 stars
Most underrated on the Detroit scene and among mainstream artists? Obie Trice certainly is…the worst is that the average listener often doesn t pay attention to the Detroit artist s lyrical skills.
Long before he blew up on the international scene, Obie Trice has been in the rap game for a long time. His life has been far from easy, leaving him homeless for a period because of his drug deals, kicked out of his mom s home, having to struggle on his own. Eleanor Trice can be hugely proud of her son, because, despite the numerous arguments that opposed mom and son, Obie has eventually made it and has shown some real recognition and unconditional love towards the incredible person that struggled to raise him along with his brothers as her youngest kid.
Obie Trice has developed his craft over the years, he is getting better and better as far as I am concerned.
Cheers was a real good album, but Second Rounds On Me widely surpassed Obie s first LP. It revealed a man who perfected lyrical skills and who mastered flow and instrumentals. Second Rounds On Me is the perfect gift for black music lovers. It is simply amazing.
So Why isn t Obie on top of the tops? That’s what he d actually deserve!
Too many times outshined by 50 Cent, people should definitely have a closer look at the Detroit talent.

DJ Woo Kid introduces the mixtape that is followed by Most Underrated in which Obie assails his opponents with some astute lyrical bullets. Built on some crazy vocals, Obie s words will merciless knife you, making his obvious lyrical talent shine. You might hate the man, but you cannot deny his talent!
Hope is introduced by some violins and trumpet sounds, mixed up with some swinging drum beats while Obie spits his venom, exposing his vision of hope, despite the negative elements surrounding him.
Gangster is instrumentally softened with toothing stone and flute sounds. While Obie excels at composing his words, the song leads you into a pleasant ballad during which Obie challenges his rivals.
Can t Stop is a rhythmic track whose scurrilous dimension is reinforced by repetitive drum beats and electric guitar notes. Let Obie show you his artillery. The song is highly enjoyable. It will lead you into an incredible, incisive battle of words. Obie s flow delivery is quite impressing.
Terrible will take you by surprise with its euphoric sounds. Keyboard sounds, instrumentals work together with the catchy beats to create an enthusiastic atmosphere of a confident emcee who is heading towards victory. I recommend you the song, particularly for its original choice of the instrumentals. No doubt: you gonna like it!
Fooling With Fooling starts with some sharp harpsichord notes, gun shots and is a powerful outlet for Obie s rage.
A Detroiter shows you his spirit and sense of realness. Never afraid to tell the truth, Obie carries the proud spirit of the Detroit underground, fully representing the 313.
I was a little bit disappointing by Show Me Love Bitch that is more R’N’B sounding and has more mainstream appeal. However, Obie s lyrical skills are still great on this track!
Poet, drug dealer, eternal hustler, weed smoker, drinker, Obie portrays life at a rock bottom level in the hood with an incredible lyrical brilliance and a lot of humility. I loved Coupe. A must hear!
Globally, Obie Trice s work on the Most Underrated mixtape is the result of hard work. I highly recommend it to you.
Let Obie transport you into his universe and show you how real hip hop should sound.
Download Obie s mixtape here.
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