Eminem, ex wife agree to cooperate ( Det News article)

George Hunter / The Detroit News
MOUNT CLEMENS — Eminem and his ex-wife, Kim Mathers, have agreed to play nice.
The two signed a “parental cooperation” pact this morning, agreeing not to disparage each other, Friend of the Court referee David T. Elias said.
The rap superstar had filed a motion in Macomb County Circuit Court to prevent his ex-wife from trashing him in the media, because he said it could harm their 11-year-old daughter, Hailie.
Kim Mathers appeared in court this morning for a hearing on the matter. The case was assigned to Elias by Chief Circuit Judge Antonio Viviano.
Eminem did not appear in court, but spoke with his ex-wife via a telephone conference this morning, Elias said.
“I’m pleased to report that both parties have signed a parental cooperation order,” Elias said. The order states that both Eminem and his wife will refrain from making public disparaging remarks about each other.
Kim Mathers left the hearing without speaking to reporters. But a response to Eminem’s motion, which was filed by her attorneys Friday, said, “(Kim) states that after years of enduring (Eminem’s) public derogatory statements both in his lyrics, during his performances and in the media, she decided it was time for the public to hear her side. (Eminem) must forget the lyrics he wrote and the effect those lyrics have on the child.”
The response goes on to cite Eminem’s song, “Kim,” in which he raps about killing a woman named Kim.
“This song is a detailed account of how (Eminem) plans to murder (Kim). It is heard everyday by millions of people. It appears (Eminem) was not so concerned at the time he wrote these lyrics of how a gruesome and detailed account of how he was going to murder her mother would affect the minor child.”
The motion also said, “(Eminem) has a tattoo that is directed at (Kim) and depicts a grave with a tombstone that reads, “R.I.P. Kim, Rot in Pieces. Again, did (Eminem) not consider the effect such inflammatory statement would have on their minor child when he obtained this tattoo?”
Kim Mathers, is twice divorced from Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers. Eminem complained in his motion that Kim, who lives in Macomb Township, has recently granted television and radio interviews in which she has claimed Eminem is “slacking very much when it comes to the kids” and that there is “nothing positive” between Eminem and his daughter.
The couple was first married in 1999 and divorced several years later. They were remarried in January 2006. Eminem filed for a second divorce in April 2006.
Harvey Hauer, Eminem’s attorney, said this morning: “We’re very happy the court was able to bring a resolution. The most important thing to Marshall is Hailie.”
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    March 27 – Kim critizes Eminem on Hot 97 a day after agreement in court
    Just a day after Eminem and ex-wife Kim Mathers agreed in court that they would stop criticizing each other in public for the sake of their daughter, Kim was interviewed on New York radio station Hot 97 Tuesday morning (March 27) and spoke about her famous ex, including his recent legal action to stop her from speaking about their relationship. “How many songs has he done about me?” Kim — who has served as subject matter for tracks including “Cleaning Out My Closet” and “Mockingbird” — asked radio host Miss Jones. “How many interviews has he done where he’s talking about freedom of speech? … I do a couple of interviews and he’s crying like a little girl.” Kim accused Em of being “disconnected from reality,” revealed that she has no contact with him despite only living a mile away — and shot down any chance that the twice-divorced couple would eventually find their way back to each other. “We don’t work good together,” she said. “It’s not good for the kids.”
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