2 thoughts on “What's up in the D?”

  1. Hey Isa,

    if you are interested, help with this to bring eminem back to europe. It’s from big em-freidn of mine: Here ya go:

    Absolutely every big superstar has been on the famous couch of T. Gottschalk. From Michael und Janet Jackson, Madonna, 50 Cent, Pink, Justin, Nelly Furtado, Britney, Beyonce and so one and one; but one: EMINEM!

    Therefore this nice young man has to got to europes biggest tv-show!

    GO Voting here: Currently he is one Place 22!



    To all who don’t know,

    Today is Isabelle’s Birthday…

    So show your love and leave her a comment!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABELLE…enjoy your day!!!

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