No matter what they say, what they do, they cannot take the gift away from you!

Dear readers,
Most of us have a hidden gift. Sometimes it keeps being hidden for years since childhood years, because it just needs to get revealed.
No matter what you re good at, I would like to encourage each of you to always privilege the field in which you re best at doing your thing.
You also gotta consider that you will always find negative people and haters on your way when you will start doing your thing, but, honestly, you should care less.
If you know that you have the gift, what haters, losers, badmouthing people think of you should be the least of your worries-particularly when those haters are low key keyboard haters. Internet haters don’t impress me in the least right now. I used to care in the past, but now they really amuse me. Don’t let insignificant people steal your joy and your passion. Most of them are envious nobodies who are bitter about their own lives. Who are they to judge you anyway, moreover from the net? Let me give it a good and sincere laugh! They don’t even know you and prompt to spread their load of bullshit, so why should you care about them and their despicable comments?
Rather use your time developing your gift, because this gift will reveal your genuine value to the world. No matter how hard people might diss you, whatever they do to be a nuisance in your lives, none of them envious bitches can take your gift away.
This is some real talk for real persons: think about it!
Copyright by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “No matter what they say, what they do, they cannot take the gift away from you!”

  1. I learned for myself about haters…At first I took it personal, but a good friend(Isabelle)gave me some good advice…People can’t stand when some has talent and they don’t or will never have…So now I say, if they are hating on me, they are leaving some one else alone!

  2. lol the funny thing is when you discover who your haters actually are…bitter ppl with no importance who would have died if they had to walk half of your way in your shoes…ppl who prompt to isolate one of your sentences and to misquote you on purpose…losers who spend hours gossiping about you while you’re walking the walk…too funny…those people are jokes to me, you know…and while they are so much angry because they will never be at your level, you are laughing at them! damn lol

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