Exclusive Lord Raven interview

1.What motivated you to become a rapper?
The death of my oldest brother Andrew, he was an upcoming producer in the south Miami area. My brother was a major influence to me and I knew how bad he wanted success; so when he passed I knew I had to finish what he started.
2. What is the biggest challenge you ever had to face during your career?
Moving from Miami to Connecticut, I had such a big buzz in Miami with the group I was in I didn’t want to leave that not to mention my friends and family.
3. Sometimes, your music reflects the harshness of the hood, but it also contains the dimension that allows the listener to fly away mentally. That s the impression I had with your song Geni In The Sky. What inspired you to write that powerful song?
Wow! (Humbly said with raised eye brows ) I appreciate that Thank You, that’s actually a 3 year old record. Some how that’s the one song people seem to love by me. When I produced the track I had a positive idea for it, each verse was based off of some thing going on in my life. A bunch of mixed emotions carefully thought out and written I never thought once while writing the song that would’ve received this reaction from listeners.
4. Which artists have you collaborated with already?
I’ve recorded with Rick Ross, Pit Bull, Co-D Fendents and my west coast hommie from Ruff Ryder’s Kartoon. I’ve produced tracks for Rick Ross, Kartoon, JT Money, Jackie-O of G-Unit, currently working on some stuff for Cherri Denis of Bad boy Ent, Lady Luck and JR Writer of Dipset.
5. What are your thoughts about the current state of hip hop?
I don’t feel hip-hop is dead that’s just an expression being used by some. I feel the culture is evolving there’s a mixture from different ethnic groups that are being brought into hip-hop. So the state of hip-hop to me is evolution we’re witnessing the future.
6. Who do you respect in the rap game and why?
I respect any and all artist who stayed true to who they were and succeeded doing it. You can’t come out rhyming about saving the world and your next album you selling crack. That’s so fake!! lol
7. Which artist do you envision a collaboration with in the future? Honestly I’ll do a record with any one who wants to make music, I love this shit.
8. Define your musical style within a few words? Real, Humble, Hard.
9. Who are your biggest musical influences?
Besides my brother, I would say Luther Vandross, Dr. Dre, Timberland Big Daddy Kane, 2 Live Crew, Nas, Queen yep I said Queen. Lol that’s just a few there’s way to many to name.
10. Besides hip hop, what kind of music do you listen to?
(smiling) You really gone make me answer that ain’t you? (Giggling softly.) Well I’m real big on 80’s soft rock I like damn near all of it just to name a few: Queen, Tears for fears, Ah Hah, Simple mind, Metallica and Aero Smith. I listen to a lot of movie sound tracks as well to widen my creative mind for production, I love reggae. I pretty much listen to anything I just love music.
I just wanted to take this time thank you for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you and your readers, hopefully I’ve turned some of them into potential fans. Lol
I want to shout out my crew (The Core Click) we clicked up!!!!
My management both up north and down south ( KG Missing Link Ent. & The Funk MGMT) What up Kev & COX. Oh & my dude big Ern what up my nig?
My Hommie Young Lord lock up I’m still riding for you, you’ll be home soon brotha.
And all the fans & supporter I love you continue to support the movement.
Listen to Lord Raven’s music here.
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