50 Cent/ Get Rich Or Die Trying soundtrack review

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Although I have taken a little bit of distance from 50 Cent since the release of his Massacre album, I did enjoy watching his movie, Get Rich Or Die Trying. Although I don ‘t think that Curtis Jackson is one of the greatest actors, the movie allowed us to penetrate into his life story and to know him better.
The movie soundtrack contains some valuable songs. It associates G Unit and Mobb Deep s collaborations.
The first track, Hustlas Ambition is built on strong guitar and keyboard sounds combined with soft female vocals. 50 Cent s flow is quite impressive. The monotonous tone of his voice is ment to express a hustlas will to dominate his world.
What If is based on strong vocals. Meet 50 Cent on the block, expressing his insecurities and fears in front of the hood s dangers.
Things Change is quite monotonous and the lyrics lack originality as far as i am concerned.
A Spanish sounding melody introduce You Already Know. Lloyd Banks and Young Buck unite their talents and are making their moves in the hood. Feel the specific gangsta atmosphere of the track.
When Death Becomes You is an explosive 50 Cent- Mobb Deep duo that is very well worked on instrumentally. It points out the numerous unsafe aspects of hood life.
My favorite song is definitely Window Shopper. I like the enthusiastic melody that goes with 50 Cent poking some fun at his enemies. The track is entertaining as well.
Another interesting 50 Cent- Mobb Deep collaboration is track Nr 13, You A Shooter that is built on very dark keyboard sounds and enhanced with violins in the background.
I Don t Know Officer targets the snitches in the hood. The hammering, knife alike piano notes totally underline the tension that comes out of the police s investigations. Stop snitching is the song s motto.
Although I didn t like each song of the album, I recommend you the Get Rich Or Die Trying movie soundtrack, because of the valuable tracks it contains. Give it a listen!
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