Exclusive Dogmatic interview!

Yes, you read it well…One of Proof s closest collaborators and friends, one of the instigators of the Promatic duo, Kevin Bailey aka Dogmatic accepted to answer a few questions in an exclusive interview. Read it here.

1. How did you get started as an emcee?
-It all started with the LL cool J I’m bad LP that my brother let me hear
2.Your first nickname used to be K-Stone. How and why did you change it to Dogmatic?
-I was very young as K-stone like 8Th grade through high school but as I got older I grew out of that name an image so I chose a name that more suited me as an adult and that would keep me relevant for the new millennium. The name Dogmatic came from my mom its what she called me an my dad for having so many girlfriends so i made the switch.
3. When did you meet Proof and to what extent did he affect your musical style?
-I met Proof in 1991 in a freestyle session over our boy an emcee B-def’s house, when I heard his wacky style it defiantly open me up to something new
4. Tell me a little bit about your Promatic album.
-It was hot it was fun an definitely before its time a real classic piece an some Proofs best work
5. What inspired you to create the Do What I Wanna Do video?
-well the song of course, plus Proof wanted to do something different an crazy so when i saw the treatment for the video i had to shoot it but really my first choice for our video was the song live but we were having to much fun to do that
6. Define your style within a few words…
-if you would have asked me this last year i probably would have said street gully but now the answer is just true hip hop in its purest form
7. What is your 8 Mile Chronicles CD all about?
-It was about getting all the shit I been through in Detroit and in the rap game off my chest
8.Proof s death affected most of us. What are your thoughts on the tragic event that deprived us from a brilliant emcee?
-I will always be be in pain from that tragedy that cheated us all it set me back emotionally plus changed me morally, but matured me a whole lot, i really wish i could change it or had been there to stop it from happening but I can t. I know he’s watching though and I will keep making him proud an let his voice be heard help take care of his family and keep Promatic alive.
9.Tell me a little bit about the Sick Notes label.
-I started Sicknotes ent. in 2000 with my nephew Witt an our friend pep some of our production credits are Promatic, the virus,D12 world, Obie trice, Proof’s searching for Jerry Garcia, Bizarre’s handy cap circus, 8mile chronicles, an more recently my new mix tape CD the reality show, an you’ve probably heard some of our tracks on VH1’s the white rapper show and MTV’s Big an Rob
1O. What are your thoughts about the local Detroit scene?
-We have all the talent, we just need more love…
11. What are your biggest musical influences?
-All the old Motown stuff and the classic hip hop like run dmc, LL Cool J, Rakim & Eric B, P.E., EPMD, NWA, B.D.P., Nas, 2PAC,
12. Which artist do you respect most and why?
-Nas for carrying on tradition in hip hop, Master P for showing us our value an how to get it, Dr.Dre for giving us a quality standard in hip hop production, ice cube for showing us how to go from gangsters to business men, 2PAC for his pro blackness an teaching us to love ourselves Andre3000(from Outkast) for being original an teaching the kids, and KRS1 for educating us
13. What are your musical projects for 2007?
-There’s alot in the works a Dogmatic Lp, an a mix tape (the reality show), an of course a new Promatic LP, Promatic mixtape and dvd
14. What accomplishment are you the most proud of?
-I would have to say my 2nd K-stone LP 313 it really changed shit in the D its what started that saying 313 in Detroit an all over the world people using area calls to represent their city, hands down that’s my greatest accomplishment yet in hip hop starting the slang 313!
Enjoy Dogmatic s good music here.

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