Powerful, deeply Detroit-rooted: Almighty Dreadnaughtz

If you haven t heard of the Almighty Dreadnaughtz yet, you should definitely give them a listen. Almighty Dreadnaughtz are an association of rhyming masters from Detroit. The group consists of skilled rapper Guilty Simpson, gifted IF artist Supa Emcee, Slautah (he is excellent), Konphlict,Kriz Steel a.ka.C-Sun a.k.a Bullet Head, Alius, Kawshus, 0-1, and Shi Dog.
Ready for some rhythmic, passionate reps?
Body Bag is based on repetitive guitar sounds and enhanced with Guilty Simpson s crazy hustling attitude. Enjoy the astute wordplays and let the Almighty Dreadnaughtz teach you the art of war. I loved the beauty of the rhyme that fit with the emcees confident attitude!
The Incredible is introduced by DJ Exclusive. Beautifully enlightened by scractches sounds all the way. Keyboard sounds, electric guitars in the background totally match with the emcees hot verbal dynamite. You gotta love this one. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Welcome To Tha Land begins with numerous shooting sounds: it reflects Almighty Dreadnaughtz offensive annihilator spirit. Rhymes and flow work together with the instrumentals, proudly carrying the raw Detroit spirit. Better fear the Almighty Dreadnaughtz, because their lyrical bullets will hit your chest in a merciless manner.
KittyBangBang starts the hostility on a shooting background. Claps are combined with repetitive keyboard sounds and mad shootings, making the listeners feel unsafe while our emcees flow with ease on some inventive lyrics.
The Almighty Dreadnaughtz have earned a solid reputation over the years on the Detroit underground scene.
Check the incredibly skilled, Detroit-rooted emcees here.
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