16 thoughts on “Statement from an Aftermath fansite on Eminem s new album (attention: nothing official yet)”

  1. Well…. this is not is not related to topic at all… I just wanted to wanted to tell yah this…. I’m posting this here coz I don’t know where to post this…. hope u won’t mind…. sorry (in advance :p )….

    Jimmy Crack Corn Remix Contest!!!

    MTV wrote:

    On 21st Feb, Wednesday, Eminem announced a contest for burgeoning producers to remix the new track ‘Jimmy Crack Corn’ (feat. 50 Cent), from the rapper’s various-artists mixtape Eminem Presents: The Re-Up. The winning version will land in rotation for two weeks on Em’s Shade 45 satellite-radio station.

    @ Isabelle
    U can delete this if u want…. but plz tell me how inform yah is I got any news about Eminem like this 🙂

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