Sadly, Kim Mathers public interviews end up into a bloody couple war

Feel free to comment on that article, but please don t bring drama to this website. You are entitled to your opinion, but i won t tolerate any kind of insults because you disagree with me. Thank You.
When Kim Mathers recently appeared on ABC Channel, I found it very much understandable from her point of view to try to clear her bad image in the public s eye. Like I said it in my last article, Kim Mathers made some valid points regarding her past and what she actually went through. Married life with a public perfomer cannot be viewed through pink glasses. I do believe that it has its many negative sides.
However, I find it despicable that Kim Mathers comes on Mojo to talk about her sex life with Eminem.
I do consider that what happens behind closed doors in a bedroom should be kept in the bedroom. No matter if your boyfriend/husband is a famous man or not, I find it unfair to display your sex life on a public media.
What happened between Em and Kim is really none of our business, period.
Don t prompt to misquote me: I am not taking sides in this story. When a couple argues, the truth often lies in the middle of both parties. I don t care to know about who-whether Em or Kim- is wrong or right in this story.
But I do think that Kim is very wrong to insist about her ex husband s weak sexual performances and to state publicly that he is an horrible person.
I keep asking myself if Kim is trying to cover herself against a possible diss on an upcoming record, because she bashes Eminem in a very merciless manner.
Come on, Kim…if Eminem was that much of an horrible person, you probably wouldn t have a kid in common.
If Marshall was that much of a monster, he probably wouldn t have raised your twin sister s kid and your second daughter with you either. And I think you would never have married him twice if it was really the case.
For her daughters sake, I think that Kim should have kept her mouth shut in public. No matter if they are listening to Mojo or not, sooner or later, she takes the risks for her words to come to her kids ears.
Marshall has been wiser in that way, because he didn t want to wash his dirty laundry in public. I respect that.
Knocking out an ex in a bitter wish for revenge can look sweet, but it might leave a sour aftertaste in your mouth. When kids are involved in a divorce, parents should avoid using their personal arguments as deadly weapons, because kids are the most likely to carry the scars of a bloody couple revenge.
Kim Mathers should definitely think about it as far as I am concerned.
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12 thoughts on “Sadly, Kim Mathers public interviews end up into a bloody couple war”

  1. Je pense qu’elle est juste déséspérée et TRES TRES en colère. Evidement ca ne lui donnait pas le droit de dire ce qu’elle a dit mais je pense juste qu’elle est encor terriblement attachée a son ex-mari contrairemant a ce qu’elle veut faire penser.

  2. Eminem Has Finally Spoken Out About His Relationship With Kim Mathers
    Aftermath wrote:
    Eminem has finally spoken out about his relationship with ex-wife Kim Mathers. He was responding to Kim’s recent appearance at a radio station, where she claimed Eminem was still using drugs, and that daughter Hallie doesn’t want to spend anytime with him.
    Eminem later released a statement through his publicist saying that he’s moved on but Kim hasn’t. He also said, “her ongoing press campaign is doing nothing but harm to the children and for that I feel truly sorry.”

  3. When i saw Kim on 20/20 and Dr. Keith Ablow, i understood her position and i felt sorry for her, but after Mojo…i see it differently…
    They both have done there share of wrong doings, but she went to far by talking about their sex life and his size…that is personal and private and when she married him for the second time, it didn’t seem to bother her…
    What did she think she was going to gain…i’m sorry to say, but i lost some respect for her…

  4. I feel the same as Donna…what Kim stated on Mojo is horrible…i keep thinking, doesn t she even fear that this will affect her kids?

  5. how come people read in english and comment in French here?
    anyway, for God sake why would they even have to come back? they can never live together cuz’ they hated each other so much in such a long time, how can they recover?
    Kim should’ve controlled herself and behave better, there’re other way to diss Eminem, why talk about sex life? Aww that was definitely a hit in the face for him.
    man Eminem’s family life is so fucked up. Poor him.

  6. Where did you see a comment in French? Anyway, I do have readers from France who can understand my articles, but who feel more comfortable commenting in French…hope this answered your question…
    Yes, I agree;;;Kim should have controlled herself…she should have addressed her issues privately…
    I am really shocked she went so far…
    Plus there is something she needs to remember…without Em, her daughters would now be in a foster home…when she went AWOL in 2003, she was really lucky to have Em acting as a responsible father…

  7. do you have the keith ablow show with kim posted on this website, or do you have a link i can go to just to see it?

  8. Well i agree to this artical so much! You did a great job on it. I think Eminem and Kim do deserve peace in their life, as much as everyone else deserves peace. God bless them. I watched 8 mile last night and it was inspiring. I just wanted to know more. So ya… God bless everyone. 🙂

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