The return of Royce promises to be explosive!

After the depressing experience of jail, Royce is bouncing back. The talented artist exposed some of his recent collaborations with Statik and DJ Premiere.
The Return is constructed on symphonic violin sounds and some catchy drum beats. The song is based on astute wordplays describing the hell of prison and will allow the listener to visit Royce s mind. Despite the negative experience of prison, the song has some beautiful, hopeful accents. Let the rhyming master transport you into his universe.
Repeat has some more hardcore and repetitive sounds that will introduce you into a scary, unsafe and obsessive atmosphere made of verbal variations on the word murder. The song is very rhythmic and you better run if you wanna be able to catch Royce s flow.
Royce s Street Hop is a swinging track that features underground artist Statik who will make you enjoy his lyrical qualities. The amazing lyricist Royce actually is will combine his skills with Statik and create a hip hop overheated and highly enjoyable atmosphere. Don t sleep on the dynamic duo!
The Movement starts with some hammering electric guitar sounds combined with some light flute notes and bell sounds. Hardcore as hell, the song will lead you into a wicked pimping ambiance.
Check Royce s Nickelnine my space here.
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