ElpaDrino, an original taste of Detroit hip hop

ElpaDrino is a Detroit underground emcee who deserves to be discovered. The talented emcee is rich of a confident attitude. ElpaDrino is very passionate when it comes to rhyme. His good beats, the original texture of his sounds, his creative lyrics will make the listener feel what the artist is all about.
In Now You Know, ElpaDrino will teach you how to rhyme properly. The song introduces you into the dark Murda Mitten atmosphere that is strongly suggested by the numerous violins, the hammering drum beats and keyboard sounds. ElpaDrino is killing his unskilled enemies with his sharp rhymes and his offensive attitude. The skilled emcees leaves no place for disrespect. His verbal weapons and his subtle instrumental chemistry will certainly conquer an enthusiastic hip hop loving audience. I recommend you the song.
Soft piano and violin sounds introduce The Greatest that gradually augments in intensity. ElpaDrino literally puts his soul to the ink. You can feel the passion in each word, each syllable. ElpaDrino is a man of conviction who lives for his art.
Rap To Me has some beautiful, swinging blues accents. ElpaDrino s stormy flow will take the listener by surprise and take him to a hot battling atmosphere.
It is quite obvious: this artist was born to make a real difference in the world of hip hop. Check ElpaDrino here.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved