My two cents about Kim Mathers’ recent appearance on ABC channel

Although Eminem and Kim s rocky relationship has made the headlines very often, Kim Mathers has been quite discrete about her privacy all over the years. In fact, it seems like she wrote a letter to the Detroit Free Press once, in 2000, in order to clarify things from her point of view. She also phoned Mojo in the Morning a couple of times, in 2002 and in 2006.
Her recent appearance on ABC channel belongs to the rare moments Kim expressed publicly about her private life with Eminem.
First of all, I think that Kim deserves respect for her discretion, because most performers wives would have prompted to sell any personal info to the tabloids. Yea, well, it is true that the tabloids are not really Kim Mathers best friends.
The scandal press has often spread a quite demeaning image of Kim, exposing her personal mistakes, her suicide attempt, her addiction problems and her sudden disparition in 2003, publicly.
It might be useful to view the problem from Kim s side. Kim has had a real rough childhood. She run away from an alcoholics home with her twin sister and became Marshall s foster sister at the tender age of 12, when Debbie Mathers decided to take care of her as her own child.
Kim s numerous disputes with Marshall as a kid suddenly turned into love. She was only 13 when she started dating him.
Her relationship with Marshall, a mixture of passion and hatred, always on and off, turned into a real nightmare when Eminem raised to the top as an artist.
Dealing with Eminem s fame wasn t really Kim s cup of tea.
Infidelities are never easy to cope with within a couple, but imagine your husband with thousands of groupies yelling after him and you perfectly know your rivals are likely to pop up at each after party? That can be described as a living nightmare!
This is actually the unpleasant situation Kim had to deal with on a daily basis, not to name the infamous exposure of her husband in different magazines on other women s side. Would you like it? I know I d loathe it!
But mentioning infidelities, Kim should have the honesty to admit she also cheated on her ex husband. I also felt like she wanted to appear a little bit too much victimized.
I listened to Kim s arguments carefully and I think she actually made some valid points regarding her stormy relationship with her ex husband.
However, I do think that neither her version of the facts, nor Eminem s should be regarded as the gospel truth.
Why? Because when a relationship doesn t work, there are usually two culprits who probably share 50% of their responsibilities. I am talking by experience.
Sometimes people love each other dearly and their relationship just doesn t work out.
From a personal point of view, I do consider that on the one hand, people should stop demonizing Kim, whether because they disapprove her actions or simply because they are mad at her (I know, Kim looks stunning at the moment and you probably cannot handle that fact. Poor little you full of rage and envy behind your keyboard, I really pity you.) Walk one mile in Kim s shoes, then you will be entitled to judge her.
On the other hand, I really think that some naive teenagers should stop idealizing Eminem and Kim s relationship. Em and Kim s story is far from being a fairy tale. It is the story of a man and a woman both coming from a harsh and dysfunctional background, who made tremendous efforts to make their relationship work without achieving any success.
It is made of tears and suffering. There is nothing to envy about it.
Love is powerful, but sometimes it just isn t enough to make a relationship work. This is my final impression of Kim s interview with ABC.
Eminem didn t want to express on the subject, in order to protect his kids privacy.
Feel free to add your comments. You have the right to disagree with my views, but please comment with respect. Any disrespectful comment, whether it is about me or Kim Mathers will be immediately removed.
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  1. Like I stated it, I am not taking sides…we were not present when things happened between Em and Kim and the truth probably lies in the middle, as always…

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