T-Trash interview

1. How did you come up with the nickname T-Trash?
Battling. Known for tossing weak Emcee and haters to the curb like garbage. That’s way the call me Trash.
2. You have your own way of telling about Michigan to people. What inspires you most to write your songs?
Simple. My atmosphere in Michigan. We get a bad rep. Were on of the darkest states. Flint and Detroit are numbers 2 and 3 on the most dangerous cities.
3. What is the biggest challenge you had to face as an emcee?
Hate. They say Detroit is the player hater capital, and that s truth. To many rappers. There’s no dislike, only hate. Plus the media over here, radio, magazines, etc. show NO support to the local rap scene
4. Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming CD?
My next Cd will be a mixtape Called “The Incursion Phase 2”. Witch will be out by April 07′. We gonna mix in a lot of famous name, such as, young jezzy, TI, Necro, Paul wall, Bone thugs, Chamillionaire. Also it will feature other local acts from Detroit. My next Album will be called “The Bad Guy” with should be out in sprig of 08′.
5. Which artists from the Detroit scene have you collaborated with already?
j-bone, autopzy, and ajax.
6. Which mainstream artist do you respect most and why?
Tech n9ne. ( that’s the closet to mainstream beside pac and biggie) His flow is can not be fucked w/. His delivery is the shit. His skill is on another level.
7. Which artist you haven t collaborated with would you envision a collaboration with?
Tech n9ne. Ha.
8. According to you, which elements give a unique flavor to your music on the Michigan scene?
That’s a loaded question. A lot does. I guess were one of the darkest (as in the sun doesn’t shine much) states in the U.S, witch brings out the darkness and the hardcore style & one of the highest suicide ratings. Plus the fact that Detroit (even the surrounding suburbs) are so gritty. I could go on all day, but I aint gonna bore no one.
9. Besides hip hop, what are your other musical influences?
MOTOWN. That’s a big one. The producers and writers are genius. If they where around today, they would own the rap and r&b scene.
10. Do you have any further musical projects for 2007?
Just The Incursion mixtape. I aim working on a project w/ one of my homies call “Skeam Team”. Be on the look out for that.
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