Alcohol ain’t cool, it will rather make you look like a fool…

Today I would like to address to my youngest readers in particular and speak against the damages of alcohol.
While it is commonly regarded as cool to get drunk (or crunk) at parties, I personally think that it is only damageable to your body and brain.
You might object that being the huge Eminem and D12 fan I actually am, I probably condone the use of drugs and alcohol. No, I don t.
Why? Simply because I make a huge difference between entertainment and reality. As much as I like the craziness of Eminem’s music, the poetry that comes out of songs like Drug Ballad, I don t think it is good for us to follow what is expressed it the song, because it is just a fiction.
I have been sober all my life and, believe me, I am proud of it. Of course, I have been drinking a cup of Champaign during exceptional events, like birthday parties, New Year s Eve etc…but that s it. I have been to clubs (in Europe we call them discos or discotheques), I had a lot of fun, but I have only been drinking orange juice or coca cola there.
I dont find being drunk cool at all. I know I might schock some of you, but I don t care.
Look …I happened to see people of my close entourage behave like animals, puking on the floor and becoming the biggest liars, because of the damaging effects of alcohol.
Not only will alcohol damage your brain cells, it will also make you look older in no time…
Talking about seduction assets, it will only give you a stinky breath…ladies, is that what you really want? Guys, is this the way you chose to seduce your girlfriends?
Let me tell you: although some people will make fun of you because you don t drink, depicting you as an annoying and uncool person, I find it more classy to tell people that I am sober.
By the way, most people don t describe me like your average annoying adult and find me rather cool. I don t need alcohol to prove myself as cool. Believe me, neither do you!
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
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