Papoose/Alphabetical Slaughter/ video review

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I think that the element I admire most in hip hop is some artists ability to fully master words and vocabulary. An excellent artist from NYC who goes by the name of Papoose attracted my attention a year ago or so. His stormy flow delivery will certainly impress a great majority of listeners.
Not only can Papoose be proud of his fast flooding flow delivery, he also masters wordplays like the excellent wordsmith he actually is.
Dear readers, I highly recommend you Papoose s brand new video in collaboration with DJ Kay Slay.
The Alphabetical Slaughter video will allow you to discover the incredibly skilled artist who is a real king in handling words.Watch Papoose break it down for you in an amazing manner, breaking tongues verbally while harsh instrumentals and rapid drum beats totally watch with the offensive lyrical shooting.
Papoose has definitely conquerred lyrical legacy. Watch the excellent artist send you his lyrical bullets with the genuine style of his here.
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