Let s appreciate Mudd s solo talent

If you never heard about Mudd of 5ELA, it is about time for you to be introduced to one of the Detroit underground s finest talents.
Mudd manages to bring hip hop to its rawest, purest form. He belongs to that unique breed of artists who breathe the music.
Some of you probably heard Mudd on several 5ELA- the group that once consisted of legend RIP Proof, Mudd and Thyme- tracks. Now you will be able to appreciate Mudd aKa Mudd Holle s solo talent. Be ready for some intense moments of musical expression, yes, be ready to live out hip hop to the fullest!
Boys Night Out introduces you into a rhythmic and frivole atmosphere. While Mudd spreads some explosive lyrics in a chill out club atmosphere, talking to a lady. Enjoy the syllables play, the hot ambiance that is drawn by the instrumentals. I recommend the song to all of you. It allies sweetness and a sexual healing atmosphere. Well done.
Top 10 s is built of rapid piano notes and keyboard sounds. Meet Mudd in the hood. Enjoy his full mouthed speech, his hot, descriptive rhymes that totally fit with the typical Detroit hood.
Mudd has a nice flow delivery, his texts and instrumentals are hard worked on.
Hater City drops the listener into a rough, unsafe 7 Mile environment. Feel the harshness, the constant struggling and hustling atmosphere of the 313 that is reinforced by dark bass sounds and rhythmic drums. Let a real lyrical soldier show you what the D is all about. Check out Hater City. It won t disappoint your ears!
Training Day starts in a very offensive, merciless style. Mudd is taking over with his sharp, well handled lyrics, proudly representing 5ELA and teaching you the art of war.
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