Tupac Greatest Hits album review

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Welcome to Tupac s Greatest Hits compilation album. Ready for a ride with one of the greatest in the rap game? Let s go.
CD one
The first CD starts with Keep Ya Head Up. The song is based on soft female vocals, keyboard sounds and rhythmic drum beats. Tupac praises and encourages ladies who struggle in the ghetto to keep their heads up. Despite the description of the harsh living conditions, the lack of money, hopelessness, drugs, the song highly praises women s fight in the hood. The song is also a touching tribute to Tupac s mom who struggled hard to raise her kids.
2 Of Americaz Most Wanted features Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg. The song is rhythmic and enlightens Tupac s nice flow delivery. However, this one is not one of my favorites. I find the gangsta party theme a little bit annoying.
Temptations is based on rapid drum beats combined with keyboard sounds. Tupac s raspy voice will tell you about the loneliness at the top. The repetitive sounds strongly suggest that the luscious temptations haunt a groupie s mind and won t go away. Will the artist resist to his own temptations? Good and evil struggle against each other in a merciless struggle.
Distorted sounds that will make you feel insecure introduce God Bless The Dead. Tupac throws an offensive RIP Biggie Smalls. The song is an obvious diss aimed at Tupac s all time rival.
Siren sounds intensify the unsafe atmosphere of the song.
No need to introduce the well known Hail Mary brought to you by the Don Killuminati. The song is well worked on, lyrically and instrumentally.
Don t miss Me Against The World, So Many Tears and Trapped.
Hit Em Up is written in a menacing way. Piano sounds combined with swinging drum beats will make the listener feel Tupac s arrogance against his enemies.
He wasn t afraid of anybody and didn t shy away from shouting it out loudly.
Biggie and Bad Boy Entertainment got smacked in the face straight away by an angry and fearless Tupac.
On a side note, Hit Em Up inspired D12 who sampled Tupac on a song that carries the same title.
CD Two
Troublesome 96 starts the second CD. Constructed on soft cithara notes, combined with Tupac s rhymes and a dark basslines, the track fully defines a rebel with a cause.
Brenda s Got A Baby opens on a dramatic dimension that is built on intense guitar sounds, violin sounds and soft female vocal that represent a soul s deep cry.
The dramatic story pictures a very young 12 year old girl getting pregnant, giving birth to a baby and dramatically throwing it into the trash.
Neither Brenda does realize the consequence of her action, nor does her family care about her pregnancy. The poor girl is left on her own.
I discovered Tupac with Changes. With his undeniable lyrical skills, Tupac will talk about the ghetto like nobody else. With his sharp voice and his sharp minded words, his genuine spirit that makes him unique in the world of rap music, Tupac teaches his listeners about hood life with an amazing veracity.
Racial discrimination, jail time, police runaways are part of his every day life. Be sure that some things will never change.
Enjoy the beautifully, electronically lead California Love brought to you by Dr Dre and Tupac. Enjoy the West coast dimension of the song.
Dear Mama is certainly one of the most touching ode a son wrote for his mother. It has the power to raise tears in my eyes each time I listen to it. The soft funky background combined with the soft vocals will make you feel the love and recognition.
Tupac grew up in very harsh conditions. His mom did the best she could with her little money. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sweet hymn that chants a wonderful black Queen s qualities.
Tupac s Greatest Hits album is the perfect introduction for people who want to explore the artist s greatest and best known songs.
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