Journey through the Hip Hop Shop’s my space account

Do you miss the golden age of Maurice Malone s hip hop shop in Detroit?
Many Detroit emcees talked about it and still talk about it in a nostalgic way. RIP Proof named one of his mixtapes I Miss The Hip Hop Shop. Not only does this mixtape carry the battling spirit of Detroit hip hop in the early 90 s, it also revives the passion for an art many artists claim to be gifted for, but that a chosen few really master.
Maybe some of you are not aware of it, but Maurice Malone s legendary hip hop shop reopened recently in Detroit.
If you re not from the D town, don t worry: the Hip Hop Shop has a my space account that will allow you to explore what the famous house is really all about.
While featuring a lot of familiar and less Detroit faces from the Detroit underground scene, it will allow the viewer to penetrate into the hot atmosphere of the freestyle battles. Watch Eminem at his early beginnings of listen carefully to underground legends such as Slum Village, the Hip Hop Shop s my space account will ignite the passion and allow you to enjoy emcees spitting pure fire to the fullest.
Have a look.
You are all about hip hop? Don t sleep on that place, then. Rather spread the word around you!
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