How far will the British government push the hypocrisy of its political correctness?

Although I am not the kind of person who likes to complain for every little thing I disagree with, I personally think that the British government is pushing it too far this time, mixing political and religious issues.
It looks like Tony Blair’s unintelligent decision to debaptize Christmas into “Wintervall”, “Winter Party”, “Luminos” or whatever is motivated by the will not to offend other religious communities, Muslims in particular. Scenes of the nativity have been banned on purpose from stamps while Christmas school parties have been named “Winter party”.
Seriously, I am angry. Not because I am a Christian fundamentalist. No, that’s definitely not me. I am not into corporate religions and I am rather in favor of a positive spirituality involving permanent positive thinking (well, that’s my own way of living it up, you don’t have to adhere to my way of thinking).
I am angry, because Christmas is a celebration that has more than 2000 years of tradition in countries with a Christian cultural background. I am angry, because the original meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus, no matter if you believe in him or not. Historically speaking, one could barely deny that Jesus actually existed.
Symbolically, the birth of Jesus is God’s present to humanity. That’s also the main reason why people started gathering and offering each other some presents. Christmas is all about sharing and forgiveness. I can remember the wonderful Christmas I lived as a kid, following my granny’s German tradition.
Never has Christmas Celebration been very much of an issue in other European countries, but Tony Blair decided to make it one.
Look: Great Britain is a country that is rich of many cultural backgrounds and I like it. I am very much tolerant about other religious traditions. I have been close to the Jewish and Muslim community in the past. But I can’t figure out why Muslims, for instance, should be offended about the word Christmas or the scene of the nativity pictured on a stamp, that’s just plain ridiculous!
Should I be offended when Jews celebrate Pessah? Or because Indians have fireworks at Diwali? Should I get mad because Muslims have their Aid El Kebir celebration?
Come on, people, the question whether Christmas should be removed from our calendars is irrelevant! Christian countries have a christian cultural background. Should we apologize for that? I think that Tony Blair has a few screws loose. He should rather put major efforts in fighting terrorism instead of breaking his head on inexistent issues.
Merry Christmas! Don’t let politicians spoil yours for political correctness purposes.
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