My rants against an XXL article

I am an avid XXL reader-particularly when the magazine features some artists I value. I copped the latest XXL issue with Nas on the cover. I was pleased to read many good articles- with an exception for the Brooke Hogan article that angered me to the fullest.
In a recent statement, Brooke Hogan said: ‘I’m so into the urban thing. I know I am white and that I can’t rap, but I know that I can sing in a urban style and that’s what I am gonna stick with’
While being interviewed in XXL, she fully proved that she didn’t know anything about hip hop. Being asked about which was her first rap CD acquisition, she proudly responded: ‘ Stevie Wonder Greatest Hits’. No shit…I didn’t know that Stevie Wonder was a rap artist. Then she ridiculed herself even more, while her interviewer was telling her that Stevie Wonder was not hip hop. Her answer was ‘ I listen to old school stuff’.
Mc Hammer is an old school rapper, Stevie Wonder is definitely not.
During their whole conversation, Broke Hoogan, while referring to pitiful artists such as Ashlee Simpson, Paul Wall, was unable to make any relevant statement about hip hop. The only real hip hop artist she mentioned was Ludacris if I remember well.
And in order to crown the whole story, she appeared on a photo with some fake teeth which was ment to imitate a urban style. Absolutely ridiculous!
Ms Hoogan, the problem is not that you’re white and that you cannot rap. You don’t fit into hip hop, that’s all.
I wish that if XXL was to feature white women in their magazine, they’d have something REAL to do with the culture.
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5 thoughts on “My rants against an XXL article”

  1. Donna, the girl angers me, not because she can’t rap (she doesn’t have to, after all), but because she does as if she fitted into hip hop/ urban…she is ridiculous in my opinion…

  2. shit shethe type of people that bring down white peoples rep fuking steriotypical girl tried to argue to xxl that steve wonder is hip hop fuking idiot stevie wonder is mo town get ur facts right she then tried to argue its old school tht aint old school sugar hill gang, kool and the gang is old school then she said because im white i cant rap and im so into that urban thing, it aint a thing it a way of life it aint like her little gucci bags or cuz shes herd of a rappers song wow and colour dont mean a thing to hip hop hip hop is hip hop black or white a way of life she should keep her fuking mouth shut and stick to her little reality shows

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