Mad Maestro Entertainment's Pay Homage mixtape (review)

Global rating of the product: 4.5 stars
Mad Maestro Entertainment unites artists who have a genuine passion for hip hop. Not only does their recent Pay Homage mixtape features great names in hip hop such as Outkast, Xzibit, Mobb Deep and many more, it is also beautifully worked on lyrically and instrumentally.
Ready for a ride into Mad Maestro’s world? Let’s go.
The Not Enough Introduction totally enlightens Kallisto’s and Whosane’s skills. Deep and warm female vocals will allow the listeners to fully appreciate the soul flavor of the track. Crazy scratches, numerous violins, a great dose of offensiveness, hood stories, a good flow delivery, lyrical bullets will draw you a realistic picture of the well handled track of both dedicated artists. I recommend it to all of you true hip hop heads.
Times Up beautifully marries a deep blues dimension that totally fits into the raw hip hop spirit brought to you by Kallisto whose skills and scratches probably won’t leave you indifferent. Soft vocals, a complex instrumental composition made of keyboard sounds, trumpets, flute, violins, scratches, guitar sounds and rhythmic drum beats underline Kallisto and OC’s talent.
Shook Ones has Mobb Deep on the song. Dynamic, based on guitar and keyboard sounds, the song gives you a realistic vision of street life.
Watch your mouth until you want to get shot. I love the way Mobb Deep spits on the mic.
Soft vocals, violins start Outkast’s Elevators song. I can feel good, good vibrations. Sit back, relax and taste with delight.
C.R.E.A.M is a beautiful tribute to the Wu Tang Clan. Piano notes, soft vocal are combined with the raw raps and give the song a jazzy/ soul dimension.
Paparazzi is a remake of Xzibit’s former song. Mad Maestro Entertainment beautifully masters the production. Don’t sleep on that track!
One Love pays its respect to lyrical master Nas. Piano, violins, rhythmic beats bring this beautiful Nas tribute to shine.
Don’t miss You Ain’t A Killa featuring rap legend Big Pun. Scratches , piano, flute sounds, rapid drum beats, gunshots enhance the gangsta dimension of the track.
Enjoy the work of artists who live and breathe hip hop. The mixtape beautifully pays tribute to great names in hip hop.
Check it out here and consider it as a valuable Christmas present.
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