DJ Head: the Detroit legend is a true hip hop head

DJ Head made history in Detroit with his long term experience in his art. Hip hop producer and DJ, DJ Head is known by a great majority of people for producing and co- producing Eminem’s songs. However, DJ Head’s love for the music goes back very earlier, at a time he was a mobile-mix DJ and was highly appreciated at Michigan College parties.
His great talent, his raw energy and his passion for Djing would allow him to become the man of many hats he actually is.
Employed as an Open Mic DJ at Maurice Malone’s legendary hip hop shop, DJ Head would also work at night at the jock club.
In the mid 90’s DJ Head would cross Marshall Mathers’ road and produce many of his songs, as well as D12 songs. DJ Head also produced some of Bizarre’s Attack Of The Weirdos songs. He also worked on Jay Z’s Renegade, Xzibit’s Restless and has a few collaborations with Funkmasterflex at his active.
You will be able to appreciate a former DJ Head- Paul Rosenberg (for those who don’t know, Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, used to be an aspiring rapper) freestyling session that goes back to 1994 here.
DJ Head has performed at numerous TV shows and concerts. Eminem fans might be quite familiar with the man, but the skilled DJ deserves to be better known by the world, because he is incredibly talented.
Discover more about DJ Head on his official website.
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  1. DJ Head will be spinning at Club 54 Sterling Heights on VanDyke just north of 16 Mile rd Friday June 22nd 2012 all night, show starts at 930!!!

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