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No Apologies is a masterpiece taken out of Eminem’s Re Up CD. Not only is the text well worked on, the instrumental composition totally matches with the spirit of the song.
Have you ever felt not sorry for what you said or did? I think most of us all did, at least once in our life, because we perfectly knew that our words totally fitted with the situation and so did our actions at the moment.
After all, why feel sorry when you know you don’t have to?
Eminem never shied away from speaking his mind. He had to face controversy and acclaim through the years.
Eminem is perfectly conscious, through the years, that even the crowd that supports him might sometimes turn against him when he doesn’t act the way people want him to act. I have even seen people push the hypocrisy that far to state on public forums that they wouldn’t support him if he stayed fat, at a time he had gained some weight!
Never mind…
The artist’s lot seems to be acclaim one day, opprobrium the following day. Whether you revere him or you revile him, Marshall Mathers will stay true to himself. He simply doesn’t care about your negative criticism. With the same spirit he brought in The Way I Am, Eminem will flip his critics off, making it clear that he is what ever they say he is.
Yes, the Just Don’t Give A Fuck attitude is pretty much alive in his new song. Piano notes, keyboard sounds and violins bring Eminem’s sharp headed spirit and gritty voice to fully shine.
Cold as ice, with a merciless spirit, Eminem rips his enemies off, leaving them lifeless. His words operate like a scalpel, in a surgical manner. Each statement is a moral dissection, a bloody exposure, a powerful knock out.
Love him or loathe him, rap master Eminem will never speak or act in order to please the crowds. Being real is worth more than a million of awards. In fact , I think it is priceless.
Don’t sleep on No Apologies. The song reveals the spirit of a true lyricist and it very well worked on the instrumentals too. It is truly a must hear!
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8 thoughts on “Eminem/ No Apologies/ song review”

  1. Honestly, after watching the performance, i find it quite disappointing…looks like Em doesn’t have the same punch while performing…he can do better lol

  2. During the interviews i found Em looked tired and unhappy, but during his BET performance…he was on top of his game…
    I didn’t care for the new look either leriane…it looked funny to me too.

  3. I must say I am a huge Eminem fan. I love the sincerity and genuine nature that he puts in his music. In the last 5 years I think Eminem is the only artist that has really left a huge impact -politically speaking. I really can’t think of any other artist in his genre that has had such an impact regardless of it being negative or positive. So today I was pleased to vote for Eminen. “Shake That” is nominated for Favorite Hip Hop Song for the People’s Choice Awards. Anyone can vote for him or any other category at http://www.pcavote.com Hurry because there are only 5 more days to put in your votes. Voting ends December 10th at midnight. The Peoples Choice Awards show airs January 9th on CBS and Queen Latifah is the host- it should be great…. I can’t wait to see who wins. I hope Eminem wins.
    stoniarocks: thats fine

  4. Sarah, as much as I admire Eminem, I strongly disagree with you about the political thing. Yes, it is true, Eminem has the courage to stand up for his political views, and yes, he made a reat impact, politically speaking.
    However, I’d like to point out that long before Eminem, there have been wonderful rappers such as the Public Enemy group, NWA, Cypress Hill, KRS One to make a big political impact. Besides the emcees mentioned above, Immortal Technique is one of the contemporary rappers who speaks his mind most about politics, much more than Em…and i think, no matter if some of them are less exposed than Em, they nevertheless made an impact about politics.
    Shake That is not really one of my faves and frankly, i like Eminem, not because he gets the exposure, but much more for his genuine artistic value…

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