Straight from the gutta: Chop Chop

He’s dirty in his lyrics and possesses an incredible good flow delivery: Chop Chop is an artist from Oklahoma City. Chop Chop causes much more damage than storm Katrina while shooting some offensive lyrics. Chop Chop will eat his adversaries literally, chew them until they are totally defenseless and puke them with disgust.
His my space account will allow the listener to discover the lyrical missiles the gifted artist sends at his enemies.
Take It How You Wanna takes you by surprise with some raw keyboard sounds that introduce you into a scurrilous environment. Chop Chop attacks his opponents, rich of a merciless attitude. No place for compromises, take it how you wanna.
Pussy Ass Niggz confronts cowards as the chorus offensively points out.
Chop Chop’s gritty voice is intelligently mixed up with dark instrumentals and laughter in the background. Better not mess with the intrepid straight OG, because he’ll be digging your grave in no time.
Stand Up draws trouble at a party. Light synthesizers notes, bass sounds, Chop Chop’s surgical lyrics sign his enemies death.
Chop Chop’s music originates from the gutta. Be prepared for some creative and incisive lyrics, a stormy flow, a dose of dirtiness and gun talk.
Check out Chop Chop here.
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