Eric Daniel And Friends/ album review

Artist Name: Eric Daniel
Location: Rome, Italy
Genre: Nu Soul/ Urban/ R’n’B
Global rating of the product:4.5 stars
Eric Daniel is a gifted saxophonist with a long term experience in the music industry. The talented artist will feed your soul with his brilliant skills and please your ears with his colleagues’ colorful voices.
The Washington DC born artist is a wonderful interpret who masters both instruments, clarinet and saxophone.
Talking About Midnight introduces you into a soft, watered atmosphere that is enhanced by some female vocals in the background. The saxophone notes will make the listener feel the light atmosphere of enchantment one can feel during an after midnight party.
Wanna See You Dance is built on a sweet slow combined with some flute sounds and soft female vocals. Sensual saxophone notes spice up the atmosphere while you can hear a trumpet cry in the background.
Rhythmic drum beats, cut saxophone notes celebrate a joyful ambiance.
Guitar, piano and keyboard sounds add to the festive atmosphere.
Da Loot is built on much more nostalgic sounds and vocals. The repetitive chorus pictures an insisting demand. The saxophone enhances this constant quest. Hammering xylophone notes seem to suggest frustration.
The Ghetto is introduced by some distorted saxo sounds mixed up with guitar notes. Step deep in the ghetto, let the music take you there and the saxophone drop some hopeful notes. Rapid drum beats and electric guitar sounds strongly suggest a colorful universe that will open your ears and eyes. The ghetto is full of life and a source of inspiration for the artist. Nicely done.
Jesus Said is full of some blues accents. Enter into a spiritual atmosphere made of faith and prayers. The instrumentals perfectly match with the raw voices and beautifully draw a « please let it happen » prayer ascending to Heaven.
Deeper introduces the listener into a rhythmic African tale. The heartbeats alike drums play a determinant role. Let the spirit of the never ending music live on.
Take a deep walk and enter into the sensual OldSaxNuSoul ballad. Feel the beautiful gospel atmosphere of the song. Let me point out the great performance of the female vocalists who know how to touch your soul.
Enjoy the cadence. Close your eyes and let the music talk to your soul.
Ooh Baby is a love song that praises a lover’s soft body. Soft saxophone and flute sounds fulfill the song with sensuality and love feelings.
Back to nostalgia with Walking On Moonlight. Deep saxophone sounds are married with rhythmic drum beats.
Art Of Sax fully enlightens Eric Daniel’s great mastery of his instrument.
Minimal is a composition made of catchy beats and dynamic saxophone sounds. This is Eric, playing over and over again for his listeners’ pleasure. The swinging track probably won’t leave you indifferent. Follow Eric Daniel in his instrumental ride and enjoy.
Not only is Gotham City instrumentally well worked on, it also enlightens Eric’s narrative talent.
Jazz Rhythm is a beautiful song with a little bit of jazz-soul- blues and hip hop accents. It is characterized by some joyful saxophone accents, great rhythmic vocal performances, swinging beats, mad scratches. In short, the song will make black music lovers feel allright. A must hear, listeners!
Globally, the 16 track CD is very well worked on. The American born master interpret Eric Daniel allows his listeners to step into a sophisticated universe that is so rich of many influences. A pinch of soul, blues, negro spirituals, a little bit of Motown flavor, hip hop, well mastered instrumentals and vocals make that CD highly enjoyable to the listeners.
My advice: cop your Eric Daniel And Friends CD, you won’t regret it.
I gave it an average rating of 4.5 stars.
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All Rights Reserved

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  1. Hi Isa – I’ve been working crazy, long hours and haven’t checked your blog in awhile. This cat plays a sweet horn! I would love to sit on a comfortable chair in a little jazz club, sipping a grey goose martini, and enjoy his flow. Does he have any videos? This is the kind of music they play on BET late at night.

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