You Don’t Know, a powerful video brought to you by the Shady Camp gladiators

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As much as I hated the You Don’t Know preview, I must say that the whole Shady Camp put some tremendous efforts in their collaboration regarding the You Don’t Know video.
It put some balm to my heart to see Slim Shady in shape, offensive as ever. Picture Eminem in the role of a convict in front of a young probation officer, playing some dirty tongue plays.
The whole Shady camp players show some unity appearing as true gladiators in a morituri te salutant style.
Dark bell sounds open the scene of a dark jail background, while synthesizers play a dynamic melody.
Major props to 50 Cent for his convincing unchained convict role. His good performance needs to be underlined.
Watch Shady soldiers like Bizarre, Kuniva, Obie Trice, Lloyd Banks, Ca$his etc show some real artistic unit.
The melodic is euphoric and it is a real pleasure for the eyes to see so many artists team up and show some unity as the song theme strongly suggests it.
The Shady Camp is taking over. More power to Eminem and his crew thanks to this energetic artistic performance.
Watch the gangsta related video here.
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8 thoughts on “You Don’t Know, a powerful video brought to you by the Shady Camp gladiators”

  1. I agree with you Isa…when i saw the video preview…i wasn’t so sure either…but after watching the finished copy on your site…i like…the Shady Camp gets a thumbs up!

  2. I live in Detroit and have actually meet the great Slim Shady, a.k.a eminem, man underneath the mask Marshall Mathers. anyways I like probably the rest of you am a big fan.
    I was wondering if anyone heard anything about the new girl in his life? He’s been seen around detroit with a girl on his arm.

  3. I agree Afarin…i too find it hard to believe. But if it is true, it won’t last…
    I know it’s his second divorce from Kim and he’s not happy right now…but I give him a year and he’ll be back with Kim…
    They have too much history…she is the mother of his child and deep down in his heart he loves her…and he always will…
    An most of all they both love and want the best for their baby.

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