Who’s your friend?

We live in a complex society in which fakeness and hypocrisy are commonly admitted under the mischievous disguise of « social behavior ». The most naïve victims of such behaviors are the most likely to fall into hypocritical people’s traps and to get misguided as well.
Many people affect to flatter you and to tell you things that will caress your ears and you senses. Some of them will advice you nicely, watch you follow their advices and laugh secretly at your demise.
So let me ask you a question. Who is your real friend in life: the person whose mouth spreads words sweet as honey and who tells you exactly what your ears expect to catch or, on the contrary, the person who will tell you something you don’t like, but that is the very truth about your present situation?
No contest: the person telling you the truth- whether you like it or not- is a true friend.
I happened to lose friendships for telling people the truth about their current situation and trying to prevent them from making big mistakes (the main reason is that I have been through similar situations in the past).
Sometimes it is worthless to advice people who won’t listen. In that case, let them advance and fall into the trap clever foxes have prepared for them. Anyway, didn’t you accomplish your duty in warning those deaf people?
I came to the conclusion that only true friends are able to appreciate true friend’s advices. Those who don’t want to listen to you when you are giving them a serious warning against an imminent danger didn’t value your friendship enough to listen to you carefully. Never mind if they fall: they weren’t worth your friendship anyway!
Copyright2006 by Isabelle Esling
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  1. Nicely written…and it’s it the truth. True friends don’t come around everday…always value true friendship…that’s why you isabelle is a true jewel…your are a true friend…and i value your friendship…thank you!

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