Dead body haunts Eminem and Akon video (Contact Music Com)

R+B star AKON understands why he felt like someone was watching him from the shadows of his new video shoot for SMACK THAT – the spirit of the murder victim buried beneath his feet was in the room. The Senegalese LONELY hitmaker felt an eerie presence throughout the shoot in an abandoned Downtown Los Angeles hotel – and now he knows why. He explains, “A dead body was discovered underneath the structure’s floorboards. “Some weird stuff was happening that whole weekend. I think it was a haunted hotel or something.” WENN photographer CHARLIE STEFFENS, who covered the shoot, admits he “creeped out” by the “vibe” in the hotel. He says, “I felt a weird vibe the moment I walked into that part of the hotel… It was an indescribable creepiness.”

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