Iceberg’s music melts listeners’ heart

Some unsigned hypes manage to attract our attention more than others. When an artist manages to catch your ear, it has often to do with his talent. You like what you hear and you like it because the guy who makes the music shows some obvious skills. Iceberg is one of those artists.
Freestyle 1 is built on soft instrumentals and expresses the numerous struggles in Iceberg’s life struggle. The deep lyrics penetrate into the listener’s heart, slowly exposing Iceberg’s hidden story.
The my space freestyle is dedicated to the artists’ my space fans. The instrumental background will make you feel the « always in progress » atmosphere. Success and acclaim, but Iceberg now raises the question: « Am I taking this too much seriously? »
Automatic offers a much more interesting perspective of the artist who manages to combine creative skills with good instrumentals and beats.
The song is enhanced with keyboard sounds, violins notes and rhythmic beats. Incisive words will tear the haters off.
Still Unsigned is introduced with some intensive female vocals. Wordsmith Iceberg is ready to drop his rhymes on swinging beats. A young emcee is determined to make it. Bass sounds, violins, drum beats will introduce you into an unsigned hype’s harsh fight to make it.
Discover Iceberg’s my space account and his sound click page.
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