Guilty Simpson/ Clap Your Hands/ song review

Average rating: 4.5 stars
He reps his city with pride. He’s the one between 3 and 3. Known as Guilty Simpson on the Detroit underground scene, the skilled emcee manages to add some fuel to the fire. Guilty Simpson is real in his words, passionate about his art. More strikingly the Detroit artist manages to communicate his enthusiasm through his music.
Electronic sounds, violins, trumpets, claps are based on cadenced beats and intelligently married with astute syllable combinations.
Guilty Simpson possesses the qualities that make a good hip hop artist: a strong voice, a good dose of offensiveness, a surefooted flow delivery, good syllabic combination and wordplays.
Despite the festive partying atmosphere , the listener will feel the heated speech that prevails during the whole track.
You will feel the raw atmosphere of the 313 while nodding your head. Rhythm and rhyming work together on a hot instrumental background.
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