Purple Gang/ PG The mixtape review

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PG The Mixtape Volume 1
Detroit underground emcees of Purple Gang, 1st Born, T Flame, Famous and Killa Kaunn associated their talents with DJ Fish. Be ready for 33 explosive tracks brought to you by the IF crew from Purple Gang. PG The Mixtape 2006 will allow the listener to fully enjoy the Detroit know how. The mixtape features many other valuable Detroit artists such as RIP King Gordy, Mu andJ-Hill. Track Nr 7, Purple and Nr 13, Riot are produced by BR Gunna.
Gunshots, keyboards and rhythmic beats introduce Detroit Gun Club. Killa Kaunn shoots offensive words in a merciless style, ready to harm his numerous victims. No need to go to the police, there is no place left for bitches and snitches. Issues are handled by gun talk.
Let T Flame and Famous bring some heat in the game with Chips R Down.
Mic Check is beautifully enhanced with violins, guns alike swinging claps. T Flame blesses the mic and allows the listener to appreciate his lyrical dexterity.
Famous flows with ease on a Proof One Two remix featuring MC Breed.
Purple Gang is a Proof Running Yo Mouth remix that underlines the Purple Gang members’ flow delivery.
Harpshichord sounds, dark drum beats mixed up with piano notes, electric guitar and deep vocals will transport you into a world in which the word hip hop takes its real meaning. The IF crew gets passionate and lyrical.
Dark basslines, hammering drum beats get Killa Kaunn started on an offensive freestyle. I particularly enjoyed the basslines that reinforce the darkness of the track while Killa Kaunn’s words are ready to smash the universe like a nuclear bomb.
Be ready for war with What Should I Do, a well thought combination of RIP Proof, Famous and T Flame’s voices. Violins, synthesizers and drums enhance the struggling atmosphere of the song.
Wudd Up is a well written Detroit hood anthem. Hammering piano sounds, keyboards and vocals fully fit into the raw atmosphere of the track.
Bring It Back is rhythmic and melodic. Violins and catchy beats will make T Flame and Famous’ lyrical talents shine. I fully enjoyed the song that I recommend to the listeners.
Extorsion is convict music and offers a parody of the police’s complaints against gangs and crimes. Proof and Purple Gang will increase the heat during the whole track: definitely a must hear.
Don’t miss track Nr 19 featuring Big Proof, Average Joe. The very rhythmic track is killing average underground rappers with no flow. Enjoy how the IF crew rips average Jo’s off. The rapid piano sounds are spiced up with a good dose of sarcasm.
Globally, PG The Mixtape Volume I has an interesting panel of artists to offer to the listener. The choice of the instrumentals, the raw lyrical bullets and the astute combination of flow and dope beats make part 1 very much enjoyable. The Detroit spirit is there and Purple Gang are rich of a genuine passion for hip hop. Purple Gang are creative, self confident and proudly represent and keep RIP Big Proof’s legacy alive.
PG The Mixtape part 2
I bet I managed to increase your appetite…Ready for PG the mixtape part 2? Let’s go! Be ready for some intense moments of pure Detroit hip hop, brought to you by the greatest Detroit underground emcees.
Song Nr 20 is a dynamic track in which Proof and Mountain Climbaz combine their talents. The scurrilous atmosphere is beautifully enhanced by some good instrumentals and lyrical missiles that spread from the talented emcees’ mouth.
Drums, bass sounds will allow the listener to enjoy a beautiful Proof, King Gordy, Banzi, Young Breed and T Flame chorus. A cold as ice ambiance contrasts with the lyrical heat provided by the word combination. Well done.
Welcome to T Flame’s inferno with 1OO Bars Of Hell. Beef is in the air.
Catch Me With A Gun is based on a 50 Cent In Da Club sample and enhanced with some hot lyrics and gunshots.
6 Mile Road will allow the listener to fully appreciate T Flame’s lyrical creativity on Eminem’s 8 Mile Road song’s instrumentals. Feel the passion, the determination and the faith of a soldier dig style biters and pale imitators’ grave in no time.
I Will Merk You is definitely worth a look. Built on violin, harshichord, organ and rhythmic beats, the song is an offensive grenade sent towards enemies. Feel the speech of 7 Milers who keep it real.
Detroit Angel has a soul/ blues dimension and brings some nostalgic accents into the song along with T Flame’s hot lyrics.
Purple Gang can be proud of their work on their PG The Mixtape 2OO6. Not only do the talented artist possess some good lyrical skills, a good low delivery, a confident attitude, they also manage to bring the passion, the Detroit spirit and share a real relationship with the listener who gets caught in the middle of their lyrical heat.
I fully enjoyed 1 hour and 18 minutes of good hip hop. Purple Gang perfectly know their Detroit hood mathematics and will introduce you into their lyrical -arithmetic combination in a very subtle way. Weak emcees will get gunned down lyrically in no time.
Should you cop this mixtape? Definitely yes.
Not convinced already?
Download part 1 and part 2 and judge by yourself!
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