Watch Out: an explosive Immortal Technique/DJ Green Lantern collaboration

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If some people cannot stomach a brilliant emcee like Immortal Technique, it is because the emcee doesn’t shy away from the truth. Immortal Technique doesn’t make any compromise with corrupt politicians. He also refuses to enter into big commercial labels’ hypocritical game.
Immortal Technique goes straight to the goal and shows the awful truth in its nudity.
Synthesizers, organs and violins introduce you into a harsh and unsafe atmosphere while Immortal Technique throws his explosive lyrics at the major label’s and hip hop magazines’ heads.
Lyrical bullets right into your chest, you phonies:
« One hundred percent independent I’m the fucking boss
The only unsigned nigga with a quotable in “The Source”
The hood is not stupid we know the mathematics
I make double what I would going Gold on Atlantic
‘Cause E.M.I., Sony, B.M.G, Interscope
Would never sign a rapper with the White House in a scope… »
Pop music is being used as an opium that will keep people’s consciences asleep. But when somebody directly targets the White House and doesn’t want to satisfy the music industry’s demand for some commercial bullshit, he instantly becomes a persona non grata.
Immortal Technique is not a man of compromises. Whether you are ready to accept the truth in its nudity or not, things are what they are.
The talented emcee who allies verbal dexterity with the spirit of a rebel points the finger at the numerous hidden governmental drug traffics.
The US government that has made a lot of money, allowing cocaine and other hard drugs to enter into their territory. Tell me, where does the paradox lie when you perfectly know that the same government blames the hoods for their drug use, abuse and deals?
People who strongly analyze the situation will understand that Bush is closer to Satan than to a savior.
You can make the choice to cowardly close your mouth while a greedy government manipulates simple citizens like toy soldiers or you can courageously stand up and reveal people commercial phoniness and governmental dirty and greedy politics like Immortal Technique.
Globally, the song is well handled lyrically and it fully enlightens DJ Green Lantern’s talent.
The song is a must hear. Cop it from here.
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