Chuck Dirty/ Horns And Halos/ album review

Rating: 4.5 stars
In each of our lives, there are zones of light and darkness. Sometimes the dark shade zones are necessary to make us feel the importance of the brightness. Our minds should not to forget about it when our feet enter hell and when we cross the valley of the shadow of death.
Horns And Halos is solemnly introduced by violins, harpsichord and piano sounds. Chuck Dirty opens a chapter of his life for his listeners. Walk with him and feel his walks through Heaven and hell.
The Return pictures the numerous struggles of a «kid from earth » who symbolically has horns and halos, representing his good and evil side.
An electric guitar background combined with catchy beats will make you step into a stressful atmosphere.
Cocky introduces the listener into the theme of self pride. The song is humorous and well handled instrumentally. Trumpets will intensify the arrogance and self pride theme. Chuck Dirty raps with confidence and flows like the torrent from the mountain. Let his word waterfall constantly refresh you.
If I featuring Trilogy is built on harsh guitar sounds represents the anxiousness of the human soul that is confronted with the fear of being alone in the dark with no support. What will happen to us, when we fall? Who will be there next to us to support us? When it will be all over, will God reject me and send me to hell? Follow Chuck Dirty’s spiritual fight.
Track Nr 7, Horns And Halos, is definitely worth your attention. Not only does Chuck Dirty flow with ease, but the whole song draws you a quite apocalyptic landscape made of a man’s inner torments. Half of an angel, half evil, Chuck Dirty fully makes the listener feel his intense inner conflict between good and evil.
Harpsichord notes are married with electric guitar sounds and intelligently ally golden and dark shades. The good and evil cannot really be dissociated from each other. Good actions are followed by the evil ones. Each of us is half of an angel and half of a demon.
I recommend this song to all of you, because Chuck Dirty’s creativity fully comes to shine on Horns And Halos. Don’t sleep on it!
The fight goes on in Alotta Shit Talk. Piano notes hammer and violins whine while Chuck Dirty’s voice explodes on the mic. The dimension of the song is intense and scary.
Welcome back to hell with Slaughterhouse. Distorted violin sounds are combined with intense and rapid beats. An emcee is on the run. Chuck Dirty masters his art on the mic. The track is well handled instrumentally and lyrically.
Get It Popping is a dynamic and beautiful gig that will invite most of you to a rhythmic dance session. This track probably won’t leave you indifferent. The melody has some beautiful oriental accents. Feel the emotions and the joy that is expressed through the instrumentals.
The song is definitely a must hear.
Krazy Train is another wonderful occasion to enjoy Chuck Dirty’s skills. Electric guitars reinforce the devilish atmosphere of the song. Welcome to the world of vicious circles. You could barely escape from this « crazy train » that sounds like an infernal spiral. No place for the halos.
Life Is Just A Moment offers the listener a philosophical reflection about the meaning of life. Life is just like a moment in space, so we gotta make the best out of it.
Like RIP Big Proof, Chuck Dirty dedicates a theme song to artist Kurt Cobain. When life becomes a burden, when they feel like there is no reason to live for, suicide appears to some like the one and only solution.
The artist symbolically kills himself at the end of the ride. Remember Me is a sweet remembrance of a person who lived a life of pain and suffering.
It also drops some notes of hope. Don’t come on the funeral with dark clothes. When a beloved person leaves the earth, we should mourn less and always remember about how the person lived and what he/ she represented to us.
Globally Chuck Dirty’s Horn And Halos album is well handled. The use of the instrumentals allows us to understand the atmosphere of the album that offers an interesting perspective about life issues.
If you decide to go cop that album, I promise you that you won’t regret it. Chuck Dirty is an underground Michigan artist who deserves to be known better.
Download the full album here.
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