Kinfolk: a delicious hip hop taste, straight outta Saginaw, Michigan

Nate The Great, Ciszko Da Menace, Mr K-OS, E-Macc and Corey-D form the group called Kinfolk. The group is one of my new discoveries and I am very enthusiastic about sharing it with all of you.
Hip hop becomes enjoyable to a higher degree, not only when the artists possess the qualities required to make a good emcee (skills, flow, beats and instrumentals), but also when it bridges other black music genres.
This is exactly what seduced me with Kinfolk’s 989 track: repping their city with confidence, the emcees intelligently mix up catchy beats, electric guitars, basslines and piano sounds. The rhythmic has some very beautiful jazz and soul accents. The delightful gangsta flavor of the track is enhanced by the beautiful piano and keyboard sounds in the background. I highly recommend you 989 that is available for download on the artists’ my space account.
Nate The Great will allow the listener to fully appreciate his lyrical skills in Soundcheck that is built on siren sounds and rhythmic beats. Electric guitar sounds combined with keyboard sounds punctuate the 911 state of emergency. Nate The Great will bless the mic to the listeners’ greatest pleasure, making them feel the tension.
Midwest Playas combines rapid violin notes with xylophone sounds. Enjoy the emcees’ beautiful flow delivery. The electronic voices in the background might remind some of you of the  « California Love ».
You could barely stay indifferent in front of the verbal hurricane coming from the rapper’s mouths.
What U Like left me more indifferent, since the track seems to be destined to a more commercial use.
The group is nevertheless worth your full attention, because you have some artists of real talent in front of you. Check them out here.
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