Endough Coleone: a Texan flavor of hip hop

Talking Down is a rhythmic track based on incisive keyboard and numerous violin sounds that are intelligently combined with a bad pimping spirit. Talking Down allows you to appreaciate Endough Coleone’s fast flow. The background for the song is dark: picture a hustler in his everyday life, pimping, selling drugs, driving big cars…globally the song is well handled.
Purple Dro starts with soft melodic vocals while Endough Coleone invites you to smoke purple dro. Enter into a drug ballad universe and enjoy the artist’s ode to marijuana. Picture the intense smell of the smoke that takes you away into a relaxing universe and enjoy Endough Coleone’s lyrical skills. Trumpets brighten the festive atmosphere of the track. Welcome to the world of artificial paradises and underground kings. Well done.
Change Gone Come is built on slow grooves and melodic synthesizers’ sounds. Listen to an artist who is constantly grinding and hoping for change to come in his life. Even in front of adversity, a true soldier won’t give up and work with faith for his dreams to come true.
Again Endough Coleone shows nice lyrical skills and a good flow delivery.
I Still Love Ya will allow the listener to discover a softer side of Enough Coleone. The track is aimed is at the artist’s daughter. Light guitar sounds, sweet vocals contrast with the emcee’s raps. I liked it less than the other tracks exposed on his my space account, though.
Discover Endough Coleone here.
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  1. i checked it out & i think this guy endough coleone is gonna be a big name in da hip hop game very soon his lyrical skills is excellent & he raps bout real life i can tell this guy really rappin bout his life & is on a mission plus i like that he raps bout more than woman & money

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